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Video streaming

  • OTT apps
  • Connected TV advertising
  • VoD and live streaming
  • MAM/workflow orchestration
  • Video services integration
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  • LCMS
  • mLearning
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Proctoring software
  • WebRTC for EdTech
  • Learning solution analytics
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Data intelligence

  • Data engineering
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • BI system implementation and optimization
  • Data migration
  • Artificial intelligence
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  • Programmatic development
  • Unified performance analytics
  • Custom converged TV solutions
  • Self-service sales platforms
  • Inventory management
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“Time flew by, and I occasionally noticed fluctuations in the number of employees. When ‘occasionally’ turned into ‘regularly’, I confessed to myself that we’re losing even top talents.

Growing anxiety caused by external factors, go-getting competitor brands, or the needs to start with a clean sheet should be beaten asap by our loyalty improving offers.

As one of our company’s key values is a sharp focus on effective learning, our retention campaign started with scaling our online education capacities. But when I thought about the headcount, I doubted whether we’d manage to attract our personnel with high-quality video and audio communication.”

Videoconferencing platform as a key to employee retention

  • An online video platform to manage educational programs and make each of them a pure pleasure
  • An unlimited number of participants covered
  • Impeccable video and audio communication quality
  • Mutually reinforcing tandem of system complexity and scalability
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“Now I know what the heist of the century is. This robbery is about our clients, not a bank branch.

Competition has never been so fierce — the abundance of choice inspires consumers to try something new. While they’re excited by the new video service perks, we experience a dramatic slowdown in subscribers.

Those who finally made up their minds that free ad-supported options would be among the crucial points of their money-saving strategies also turned down our offering in favor of budget consciousness.

Here came the question, “How to discover a well-balanced recipe, having a proper mix of unique user experience, content to hit the target, and attractive price offering?”

What can win the hearts of streaming service subscribers?

  • Overall accessibility of video services (support for iOS, Android, web, smart TVs, Apple TVs, and STBs)
  • Predicting consumers’ desires with AI powers and BI analytics
  • Intuitive UI for bringing out only positive impressions from using the service
  • Seamless performance even under high load
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“As an external observer I knew this OTT platform was generating quite nice money, but as its newly appointed CEO I saw — it was lightyears away from reaching its full potential.

The question though was not about checking whether we were really on the right track or not. We lacked an analysis-driven idea of what objectively was possible.

The short answer might be obvious: research.

But it certainly didn’t ALL come down to just gathering info about the current users’ behavior. To scale effectively, reduce costs and eliminate monetization gaps, we needed to work out clear-cut strategies and confidently predict if the content or trend would resonate with a specific, especially new, group of users.”

3 steps from Oxagile to guarantee the endless flow of actionable insights

  • An OTT monitoring solution that collects and processes both historical and real-time statistics
  • The architecture ready for millions of database records and an unlimited number of users
  • BI-driven dashboards and reports highlighting and evaluating every business aspect and appearing trends
  • The platform infrastructure analysis for determining the critical nodes and issues
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“I’ve always loved the game “success or trainwreck”, when we with fellow entrepreneurs placed bets on somebody’s startup launch. Insanely fun, until it was my own project at stake.

I was sensing an opportunity to revolutionize digital advertising and really facilitate the process for everyone involved. But the question, which slowed me down, was: “How do I initially get those involved interested in the platform?” Since without top-tier publisher clients, the viability of the concept would be questionable, to say the least.

Besides, while the business world was like a cozy home to me, the realm of development felt more like a chaotic haunted house. So it was clear that building all technical processes would take too much time.”

Oxagile’s hacks to craft exceptional startup projects, ready to grab Google's attention

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices
  • Validation of new ideas before investing many resources
  • Full stakeholder access to real-time and in-depth reports and demos
  • Streamlined QA framework for the reduction of testing expenses and delivering constant shippable updates
  • Continuous testing at every step for failure-free product releases
Guess how
Balancing innovation with practicality in medical business felt risky. One misstep, one incorrect diagnosis - and my 8-year venture could crumble.

But lighting the workload for our clinic physicians by leveraging AI to identify patients needing hospitalization promised very significant benefits.

Initially, we thought tackling unstructured data and limited real-world datasets to train the algorithm posed main challenges. Yet, overcoming them revealed new hurdles.

The system alerted doctors too often, resulting in unnecessary time spent on patients who were perfectly healthy. Ironically, the solution intended to alleviate the workload for doctors ended up increasing their burdens.

The worst part was that we were clueless about the root causes behind the solution’s hiccups.

Oxagile’s mitigating factors undermining AI detection accuracy by:

  • In-depth exploration for pinpointing the right neural network architecture
  • Laying out a comprehensive roadmap guiding through each stage of the development
  • Generating heatmaps to quickly determine any anomalies within the input data
  • Applying the heatmaps across the entire dataset, identifying gaps
  • Constructing a training set based on eloquent data and heatmap outputs

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The HanseCom team has been working closely with the Oxagile technical team for over 2 years and we have been nothing but amazed by their expertise and dedication.

Sebastian Neil Hölken
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We really enjoyed working with Oxagile. The team was highly collaborative and communicative, and exceeded our expectations overall. We look forward to the opportunity to work together again on future projects!

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Oxagile provides the best quality deliverables even in the most strenuous times. With our aggressive deadlines, the team was always up to the challenge. They work efficiently on all tasks assigned to them.

Trevor J. Sykes
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A super professional and highly dedicated team.

Oxagile were up for the challenge of developing software reliant on input from prototype hardware, and I’m pleased to say the integration was successful.

Nicola Phillips
School of Healthcare Sciences Cardiff University

Oxagile represents high quality, attention to detail, and the drive to provide the best solution possible to meet and exceed the needs of its clients. They are confident when facing new challenges and have proven to be a great resource for our evolving needs.

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